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Safeguard your property from the harmful effects of asbestos exposure with BBN Consulting's professional asbestos testing in Sydney. We thoroughly inspect your home, building or work site and test the samples at our NATA-accredited laboratory within 48 hours

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Why you need asbestos testing in Sydney

Sydney is a fantastic place to live or run a business. It boasts an ideal climate, a flourishing economy and a high standard of living. Unfortunately, asbestos is still estimated to be present in a third of Australian homes. There’s a huge possibility the Sydney property you own or want to buy contains asbestos.

When asbestos is disturbed, deteriorating or damaged, it can release tiny fibres into the air. Exposure to these fibres can trigger serious health issues, including lung cancer and mesothelioma.

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Benefits of working with BBN

Working with BBN will guarantee that your workplace is safe and free from all asbestos contaminants. With us, you’ll have access to:

Instant service

BBN excels at providing prompt service, whether you’re looking for a phone consultation or a site visit for expert asbestos air monitoring in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or anywhere in Australia.

NATA-accredited lab

We use an industry-leading NATA-accredited lab to undertake all our testing to ensure reliability at all times. This means you can expect an asbestos clearance certificate following a successful report.


Have Questions? We’re here to help you.
When is asbestos removal required?
If you know that your site contains harmful asbestos, then it is necessary to contact us for informed and reliable asbestos air monitoring. We’ll let you know about the nature of the asbestos and how you can work towards receiving an asbestos clearance certificate after a positive report.
How do you test for asbestos?
At BBN, we use our NATA-accredited lab to conduct all our asbestos testing. This helps us identify the risks involved and whether asbestos removal should be conducted immediately.
How do you identify asbestos?
It is virtually impossible to determine if a material contains asbestos by simply looking at it. That’s why it’s essential to rely on an expert like BBN to run the appropriate tests on the material and determine if asbestos removal is necessary for your business or home.

BBN Consulting — the asbestos air monitoring experts

If your focus is on ensuring your projects are completed on time and in the safest manner possible, BBN can help you run a smooth operation through expert, reliable services. With fast and effective solutions, we’ll ensure you receive an asbestos clearance certificate to follow and adhere to best practices and regulations.

To speak to a professional and book a site inspection, get in touch with us today on 0421 748 867 — we look forward to hearing from you.