Waste Classification

BBN specialises in all aspects of construction, from ensuring asbestos safety to providing waste classification guidelines for uninterrupted operations. We know that you don’t have the time to stop and classify your project’s waste according to the official NSW EPA waste classification guidelines — that’s why it’s best to leave it to the professionals. 

Our team of environmental consultants will provide you with industry-informed services to guarantee smooth project completion and allow you to responsibly conduct construction waste disposal and management for optimal occupational hygiene and safety.

We’re dedicated to excellence, so you can avoid project delays and get back to what you do best. You’ll have access to:

Reliable professional classification
Experienced consultant team
24/7 service

Waste classification guidelines

When you work with BBN, you’ll have access to an expert team of waste classification professionals. With years of experience under our belts, we’ll help you properly classify your waste to adhere to the four NSW EPA waste classification guidelines:

1. Classifying waste — We’ll help identify if your waste should be classified as ‘special waste’ either on-site or once we’ve tested the material in question in our NATA-accredited lab. Our detailed report will have all the necessary information you need to take the next step.

2. Immobilising waste — BBN will assess whether your waste is appropriate for a landfill in its current form or if it needs to be chemically treated and converted for safe immobilisation. You will receive a report that will correctly label each form of waste.

3. Waste containing radioactive material — In particular hazardous working environments, it is essential that you correctly identify if waste is radioactive. At BBN, we take our work very seriously, so we will let you know how to ensure the safety of your workers and the project site at all times.

4. Acid sulfate soils — Most common in excavation work, it’s vital that you work with a reliable environmental consultancy like BBN to know how to deal with and identify risk areas appropriately.


Have Questions? We’re here to help you.
What is waste classification?
Waste classification involves assessing, identifying and classifying industrial waste under certain guidelines. This usually refers to the NSW EPA waste classification guidelines, which split waste management into four distinct categories:

- Classifying waste
- Immobilising waste
- Managing radioactive waste
- Identifying acid sulfate soils
How do I adhere to waste classification guidelines?
The best way to follow best practices and the official NSW waste classification guidelines is to seek the services of a qualified environmental consultancy. At BBN, we use our NATA-accredited lab to ensure you have industry-leading knowledge and technology at your disposal. We’ll help you with all facets of construction waste removal preparation to make your worksite a safe and secure place to work.
When should I start waste removal?
Once we have provided you with a detailed report outlining your options and how best to approach disposal, you can begin making the proper preparations to safely handle and dispose of your waste. Following the waste classification guidelines ensures that your operations continue as planned.

BBN Consulting — helping you adhere to waste classification guidelines

To ensure you follow best practices and the NSW EPA waste classification guidelines, it’s best to work with a consultancy that cares about delivering results. BBN specialises in all forms of waste management, whether that’s from construction, asbestos monitoring or anything else. 

We also offer our services Australia-wide, ensuring that you won’t have to look for businesses that only work in their local districts. With BBN, you’ll have access to a team of professional consultants with years of experience in facilitating uninterrupted and safe working environments.

To discuss our services or book an onsite inspection today, get in touch with us on 0421 748 867 and talk to a qualified professional — we look forward to helping you run a smooth operation.