Asbestos Registers & Management Plans

BBN is an asbestos and environmental consultancy that’s dedicated to helping clients ensure optimal safety and assurances at all stages of their business. Whether you’re a new organisation or an established large business, asbestos registers and management plans are essential for following best practices and state rules and regulations for optimal occupational hygiene and safety

The best way to ensure you follow the law is to work with an experienced team that can assess your site with industry-leading technology and high-quality service. At BBN, we guarantee that you’ll have access to:

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Why you need an asbestos management plan and register

You may be wondering if you require an asbestos register. The answer depends on when your worksite was first constructed and if there is a suspicion that asbestos is prevalent at your site.

Age of worksite — If your project’s site was built before December 31st, 2003, then you will need to verify whether any asbestos is present. The NSW asbestos register was created to track and manage properties with asbestos exposure. Because construction before 2003 commonly used asbestos materials, you must safeguard your business, works, clients and visitors by creating an asbestos register and asbestos management plan. 

Exposure — If you suspect that your worksite may contain asbestos, you must seek the services of a professional asbestos consultancy like BBN to help identify and manage the situation. We can provide an initial site inspection and follow-up lab tests to confirm whether asbestos is present at your worksite. As a premises owner, occupier, manager, representative or even employer, you’re ultimately responsible and liable for the registering and managing of asbestos on your site.

How we can help

We can help by creating an asbestos register and if necessary, an asbestos management plan for your site by undertaking the following:

1. Conducting an asbestos survey to identify any ACMs that may be present in the building. This assessment will be carried out by a qualified and experienced licensed asbestos assessor.

2. Developing a detailed asbestos register that lists the location, condition, and type of all ACMs in the building. The register should be kept up-to-date and easily accessible to all relevant parties.

3. Developing an asbestos management plan that outlines the steps that will be taken to manage and mitigate the risks posed by ACMs safely. This plan should include regular inspections, maintenance, and removal of ACMs as necessary.

4. Assisting you in Implementing the management plan and ensuring that all ACMs are properly managed and maintained. This may involve training building occupants and workers on how to handle ACMs safely and providing protective equipment as needed.

5. Regularly reviewing and updating the asbestos register and management plan to ensure that they remain accurate and effective.


Have Questions? We’re here to help you.
What is an asbestos register?
An asbestos register is a detailed record of the location and condition of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) in a building. They help to identify any ACMs that may be present, assess their condition, and determine the risk they pose to building occupants.
Do I need an asbestos management plan?
If asbestos is present in your workplace, yes. It is a legal requirement to formally register your site once asbestos has been confirmed in your working environment.

BBN Consulting — helping with asbestos registers and management plans

Whether you suspect that your site may have asbestos exposure or you’re not sure if safe materials were used in its construction, you know where to go for fast and reliable asbestos testing. We only use state-of-the-art NATA-accredited laboratories allowing us to conduct accurate tests to ensure you have all the information you need to understand your potential asbestos exposure. 

For more information on our services and how we can assist you, get in touch with us on 0421 748 867 and speak to a qualified asbestos professional today — we look forward to helping you safeguard your worksite today.